Monday, May 18, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog

The problem with being a writer is that everyone else is one too. Writing is different than other subjects we learn in school. While I know 12*12 is 144, I don’t fancy myself a mathematician. Though I was able to calculate my odds for having a blue-eyed baby (remember the Punnett square?), I never thought of myself as a scientist. The same can not be said for writing.

Everyone who took Mrs.Assenheimer’s fourth grade English class, thinks he can write. Writing is more than proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Writing is art. Writers are painters and their palette is words. I love words. Their meaning, sound, and rhythm. Nothing excites me like a writer who gives good word …ok, maybe a chef who gives good food. Put the two together and you’ve got Anthony Bourdain…my dream man. But I digress…

The holy blog has made the proliferation of “published writers” downright viral. There are many, many days I wonder if I am really a writer. Yeah, I’ve sold articles, written ads, and even seen my name on a magazine masthead. But, I’ve been blessed with something that will guarantee I’ll never be a successful narcissist –unwavering self-doubt. Basically, anything I’ve done just doesn’t impress me anymore. I’m the anti-narcissist. So, many days, despite my accomplishments, I wonder if I am really a writer. (And if I’m not a writer…then what the hell am I?)

Well, I’ve come up with some writer’s affirmation therapy. It’s a two part process.

- Firstly, I will read other people’s blogs. Believe me, nothing can make an insecure writer more assured of her talents, than reading another “writer’s” crap.

- Secondly, I will write and share my words with people who perhaps can’t all “write” but certainly can read.

That’s where you come in. If you would simply read and react, I would really appreciate it. I will share my thoughts with you because writing about life is what I love to do. To ease you of any burden, know that I am not searching for free therapy. Frankly, I have a high-priced therapist for that. And since I know you’re not all writers, I sure as hell know you’re not therapists! (then again, if one of you is…maybe we could work a trade?)

So, please…read and react. I love it. I promise to value your thoughts and I hope you get a kick out of mine.

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