Monday, May 18, 2009

A Dream of Words

I can’t touch you.
But with words.
I can’t hold you
But with this blanket of trust.
I can’t see you
Other than through this blurred lens.
And it makes me wonder if what I see,
What I read,
What I feel…
Is it real?
My best friend met her soul mate like this.
They are 500 miles apart and closer than ever.
It can happen.
And this modern medium,
This connection,
That can be so electric,
So close despite the physical distance…
Or maybe because of it.
Can be a direct line to the head and heart.
If there is honesty and openness
In this place where lies flow so easily
The connection feels real..
There are days I know you
Better than most people I can hug.
Yet in the back of my mind
The constant doubt
Is this real
Or just a dream of words?

may 2. 2009


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  2. It is incurable my darling,
    But it is not, I promise, deadly.
    It is unsolved at times,
    But it will never stain you soul.
    Do not fear a thing,
    For not a thing is real,
    But that which you have made,
    That which you have written.
    And do not doubt a thing,
    Veracity is there to stand by you.
    Take care now lovely one,
    You're but a word,
    A pair of wings…
    As Logos is,
    As life,
    And as Beginnings, midsts and ends…